Zensate is a next level wellness experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern technology.

Inspired by our state in the womb, where the light of consciousness enters the physical body, floating in sound vibrations from the heart of our mother. Zensate is the feeling of coming HOME to our essence.


Light frequencies entrain the mind to enter into brainwave states conducive to wellbeing and restoration while inducing a closed-eye visionary experiences similar to lucid dreaming.


Through a dedicated iOS app, explore an ever growing library of programs tailored to different outcomes from relaxation, physical recovery, emotional release, creativity, and more.


Float in sound on a heated water bed equipped with built-in vibrational speakers that resonate sound into the body - a proven method to deeply relax and restore the nervous system.

Integrate the Power of Light, Sound, and Vibration

into your wellness center

What people are saying about their experience

"Wow! Just wow!

This is to be experienced by all humans!

It's hard to write a review when you don't want to give any spoiler alerts so all I can say, from the depth of my soul, this is an experience like no other and one I highly recommend."

- FionaLee *TripAdvisor review)

"I honestly feel rejuvenated.

I feel my body has changed to a different state of being.

I came in with a chaotic mind and body and left with serenity - I was calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

I was able to fall into a deep trance state which I had never felt before."

- Veebee829 (TripAdvisor review)

"Powerful, deeply healing experience. Wow! The multi-sensory experience, is perfectly crafted to take each individual on their own inner journey. The result, each of the 3 times I'd participated, is a profound connection to both myself & Source/Creation/Divine"

- Jennifer (Facebook review)

"The session was mind blowing with the resonance flowing through the water bed from speakers beneath. Light enhanced the experience and in all out was an other worldly soul shift. I can't recommend this highly enough. Totally worth the money. I will absolutely be back."

- Jodip385 (TripAdvisor review)


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